1-on-1 Nutrition Coaching


The Food Balance Project is an online nutrition coaching service dedicated to transforming lives. It's no one size fits all, we will work closely with you to develop an individualised nutrition program which aims to help you reach your fitness goals and achieve nutritional balance in your everyday life.



About The Food Balance Project

Online Nutrition Coaching

People just want something that works. We offer the means needed to do this through our online coaching programs. We will provide you with the education, support and accountability that will bring you one step closer to achieving incredible results. Whether it is weight loss or weight management, or developing a healthy relationship with food, The Food Balance Project offers a variety of services and packages designed to meet your needs.


How does it work?

This program pairs you with a nutrition coach who has been trained and certified to teach you the ins and outs of meal prepping, weighing, tracking and more. The Food Balance Project understands that every person is different which is why we offer you two different approaches to improving your nutrition.

Project Habit

Creating lasting and sustainable change

In this program there is no mention of calories or complicated nutrition plans - it's all about making small yet high impact habit changes. Whatever your current diet is, The Food Balance Project carefully evaluates each client and formulates a personalized plan based on your specific needs. So if improving your nutrition habits is what you’re looking for, this is program for you. 


Project Balance

Calorie counting

If you are eating what seems to be a perfect diet but aren't seeing the progress, then a macronutrient plan can be a great addition to get things moving. When you combine good food choices with ideal calorie intake, along with a balanced macronutrient breakdown, results are not far behind. It’s a solid nutrition system that is now used by most. The concept behind counting macros is to ensure you get adequate protein, carbs, fat and fiber based on your goals and the energy needs of your body.


I worked with The Food Balance Project for a period of three months from August to November 2018. During this time I lost 10 kilograms, and went from 95kg to 85kg. I would not hesitate to recommend The Food Balance project to anyone who is serious about improving their nutritional habits and food choices.

Seth Thompson


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